Krishna Episode 2 – Prophecy of Death of Kamsa


Once upon a time, there was a forest called Madhuvan on the beautiful banks of Yamuna. There lived a powerful demon known as Lavanasur. His father’s name was Madhu. There was no limit to the pride and ego of Lavanasur due to the effect of the boon. All the living beings were suffering from that evil demon.Lord shri rama and Lakshmana’s younger brother, Shatrughan, killed that splendid demon in the battle and established a very beautiful city called Mathura there.

Energetic and powerful Shatrughan had two sons, whose eyes were like lotus. He made both of his sons the administrator of the kingdom of Mathura. At the end of his lifespan, he himself went to heaven. With time, the lineage of the Suryavanshi kings came to an end. Then Yadavs became the ruler of that beautiful city of Mathura. The name of a descendant of Yathati was Shurasen. He had become the king of Mathura and he had the opportunity to enjoy all the wealth there.

Kashyapji was born according to the curse of Varuna, becoming the son of another Shurasen, a descendant of king Shurasen. He became famous by the name of Vasudev. After the death of his father, Vasudevji started leading  life by doing business (Vaishyavritti). Ugrasen was the king of mathura at that time. The eldest among his sons was known as Kansa. Varun had also cursed Aditi.That is why she also entered the world as Kashyap’s wife. She had given Devak the opportunity to become her father. She became famous by the name Devaki.

Generous and great Devak married his daughter Devaki with Vasudev ji. Surshen’s son Vasudev, after getting married, along with his newly wedded wife Devaki, rode on a chariot to go to his home. Ugrasena’s son Kansa, to please his cousin Devaki, caught hold of the horses of vasudev’s chariot. He himself began to drive the chariot, although hundreds of chariots made of gold were moving with him. Devak had great love for his daughter. While leaving the girl, he gave her four hundred elephants decorated with gold garlands, fifteen thousand horses, eighteen hundred chariots and two hundred sweet maids decorated with beautiful  clothes and ornaments in dowry.

At the time of farewell, conch shell, trumpet, mridangam and drums started ringing simultaneously for the blessings of bride and groom. On the way, when Kansa was driving the chariot holding the horses, at that time Akashvani (Divine Voice) addressed him and said – ‘Oh fool! The child born out  of the eighth pregnancy of the one whom you are carrying in the chariot will kill you.

Thus hearing the voice of Akashvani, there was no limit to the astonishment of the mighty Kansa. He got very worried considering Devvani (Divine ) to be true. After thinking about his duty in those circumstances, he decided that ‘If I kill Devaki now, it is possible that death may not come to me. No other remedy can be applied on this difficult occasion which presents the fear of death. But Devakji is like my father. This Devaki is his daughter. So the thought arose in his mind about how to kill his revered sister. Then he thought, ‘her child will be my death. The learned men protect the body even by doing abominable deeds. The sin is washed away by making atonement. The wise men have made it a rule that the body should be protected even by doing lowly deeds. He took out the sword from the sheath, took it in his hand and tried to kill devaki, by pulling the newly wed Devaki towards him.

Entire public gathered there was watching this heinous act. Seeing that Devaki was being killed, there was a huge outcry. Many warriors who supported Vasudev ji got ready to fight. They  took up the bow in their hands. All those assistants of Vasudev Ji were powerful and filled with enthusiasm . In their eyes, the goddess like Devaki was worthy of the blessings of Kansa. So they said to Kansa – ‘Leave her – leave her.’ Kansa was helpless and had to leave her. With Kansa they started fighting a great fierce battle. Their intellect was extraordinary. Kansa was also not an ordinary person. At the beginning of that great, fierce and thrilling war, a famous old man of Yadukul,  tried very hard to stop Kansa from fighting and said – ‘Powerful one! Where did you get such stupidity? This is your dear sister; It is totally unfair to kill her, that too on this wonderful occasion of marriage. Dear daring one ! Killing a woman is a very sad act; Due to this, infamy spreads in the world and a grave sin is felt.

It is absolutely inappropriate to do this karma without thinking only after listening to akashvani (Divine Voice). Dear Kansa,It is possible that  some of your enemies have announced such a disastrous thing hiding in the sky to spread disgrace to you or With the thought of destroying  Vasudeva’s son, an enemy aware of Maya has declared this. Hey, you being a brave man, are you afraid of this Akashvani (Divine Voice )? It is the handiwork of some enemy to uproot your fame. Whatever be the case, the sister should not be killed on this auspicious occasion of marriage.

King! Whatever is about to happen, it will definitely happen. Who can avoid it.’ In this way everyone was explaining to Kansa, but Kansa did not change his decision.


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