Description of the universal form of God

Purna Purush Lord Krishna is the beginning, middle and end of the universe.  God is also with and without form and qualities .  This God is omnipresent, all knower and omnipotent.  When King Parikshit was cursed to death by bite of takshak snake by Shringi Rishi , then King Parikshit started to fast until death on the bank’s of river ganga with great devotion at the feet of, Lord Krishna. He had listened to the pastimes of lord krishna when son of sage Vyasa, Shri Shukhdevji narrated the past times of the Lord to King Parikshit.

 King Parikshit had asked  Shukdevji, what should a man who has little time left in his life do. Hearing this question of Parikshit, Shukdev ji had said, Parikshit, men should not panic when the time of  death comes.  He should cut affection towards the body and those who are related to it from the weapon of Vairagya.

With patience, get out of the house and bathe in the holy shrine, and sit in a sacred and secluded place in lawful postures.  Then chant the supreme holy mantra OM containing the three letters  ‘Aa U Ma’ . In the mind.  Subdue the breath and suppress the mind and do not forget holy Mantra OM even for a moment.  With the help of intellect, through the mind detach the senses from their subjects and stop the mind from thoughts of fickle lusts and put it in a thought of beautiful form of God.

Meditate on one of the organs of the Lords auspicious form with the stable mind.  In this way, while meditating on all organs of the Lord one by one, let the mind become completely free of the subjects of senses and engross in God so that no other matter can be thought of.  Knowing after that  Lord Vishnu is the Supreme God, the mind is filled with joy in devotion of lord.  Do not panic if the mind becomes deranged from Rajogun or foolish with Tamogun while meditating.  The mind  should be subdued by practicing yoga with patience, because perception eradicates the defects of both the above qualities.  When the yogi sees his supreme auspicious shelter (God) in meditation when the conception becomes stable, then he attains bhakti yoga immediately.

 Parikshit asked – Brahmn!  By what means is the conception made in what thing and what is its nature, which soon eradicates the scum of the human being?  .

Shree Shukdev ji said- Parikshit!  After conquering the posture, breathing, attachment and senses, then the mind should be placed in the physical form of God by intelligence.  This working  whole world, which ever was, is  or will be, everything in which everything is visible, that  is a gross and universal body of the supreme lord.

The gigantic universal form of the Personality of Godhead, within the body of the universal shell, which is covered by sevenfold material elements, is the subject for the  conception.  

Persons who have realized it have said that the planets known as Pātāla constitute the bottoms of the feet of the universal Lord, and the heels and the toes are the Rasātala planets. The ankles are the Mahātala planets, and His shanks constitute the Talātala planets. 

 The knees of the universal form are the planetary system of the name Sutala, and the two thighs are the Vitala and Atala planetary systems. The hips are Mahītala, and outer space is the depression of His navel. 

  The chest of the Original Personality of the gigantic form is the luminary planetary system, His neck is the Mahar planets, His mouth is the Janas planets, and His forehead is the Tapas planetary system. 

The topmost planetary system, known as Satyaloka, is the head of He who has one thousand heads.  

 His arms are the demigods headed by Indra, the ten directional sides are His ears, and physical sound is His sense of hearing. His nostrils are the two Aśvinī-kumāras, and material fragrance is His sense of smell. His mouth is the blazing fire.  

The sphere of outer space constitutes His eyepits, and the eyeball is the sun as the power of seeing. His eyelids are both the day and night, and in the movements of His eyebrows, Brahmā and similar supreme personalities reside. His palate is the god of water, Varuṇa, and the juice or essence of everything is His tongue.

 They say that the Vedic hymns are the cerebral passage of the Lord, and His jaws of teeth are Yama, god of death, who punishes the sinners. The art of affection is His set of teeth, and the most alluring illusory material energy is His smile. This great ocean of material creation is but the casting of His glance over us.

 Modesty is the upper portion of His lips, hankering is His chin, religion is the breast of the Lord, and irreligion is His back. Brahmājī, who generates all living beings in the material world, is his genitals, and the Mitrā-varuṇas are His two testicles. The ocean is His waist, and the hills and mountains are the stacks of His bones.

 O King, the rivers are the veins of the gigantic body, the trees are the hairs of His body, and the omnipotent air is His breath. The passing ages are His movements, and His activities are the reactions of the three modes of material nature.

The clouds which carry water are the hairs on His head, the terminations of days or nights are His dress, and the supreme cause of material creation is His intelligence. His mind is the moon, the reservoir of all changes.  

The principle of matter [mahat-tattva] is the consciousness of the omnipresent Lord, as asserted by the experts, and Rudradeva is His ego. The horse, mule, camel and elephant are His nails, and wild animals and all quadrupeds are situated in the belt zone of the Lord.  

Varieties of birds are indications of His masterful artistic sense. Manu, the father of mankind, is the emblem of His standard intelligence, and humanity is His residence. The celestial species of human beings, like the Gandharvas, Vidyādharas, Cāraṇas and angels, all represent His musical rhythm, and the demoniac soldiers are representations of His wonderful prowess. 

 The brahmanas are  virāṭ-puruṣa’s face, His arms are the kṣatriyas, His thighs are the vaiśyas, and the śūdras are is feet. All the worshipable demigods are also overtaken by Him, and it is the duty of everyone to perform sacrifices with feasible goods to appease the Lord.

 Parikshit , this is the form of the giant body of  Virat bhagwan, so I told you.  In him, those  men who want liberation stabilize their mind through wisdom;  Because there is nothing other  than him.

Just as the dreamer sees himself in the form of various substances in the dream, in the same way, the divine who experiences everything through the intellects of everyone is also the same.  One should worship the same lord in the form of truth, and do not indulge in anything else.  Because the attachment to this material world is for the downfall of life.

In this way Vyasanandan Shukadeva described the great form of God to King Parikshit.

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