Know why hatred was born in the mind of daksha towards Shiva and Sati

It is a matter of earlier times that the demons named Halahal were born in the world. These monsters had become very proud with the boon of Brahma. By conquering all the worlds, these demons surrounded  both the worlds of lord vishnu and lord shiva with the intention of conquering Vishnu Lok and Shiva Lok.  Seeing the demons encircling their worlds, Shiva and Vishnu appeared for war with these demons.  Long after the start of the war and after much exertion, Lord Vishnu and Shiva killed the demons named Hallahal.

 It was only by the influence of Bhagwati Jagadamba that these two great gods could kill the demons.  But these two gods disregarded and even despised their energies Lakshmi and Gauri. Due to which Lakshmi and Gauri disappeared, leaving Vishnu and Shiva.  Both Vishnu and Shiva became powerless after Lakshmi and Gauri disappeared. Then Brahma ji took over the task of these two and ordered his sons to worship Bhagwati Jagadamba, so that Shiva and Vishnu could regain their powers.

 Bhagwati Jagadamba was very pleased with the worship of Brahma’s sons and gave them a boon that the energies of Vishnu and Shiva would soon reincarnate.  Then Daksha Prajapati prayed to Bhagwati Jagadamba to make his life successful  by taking an incarnation in his house. Shortly afterwards, as a result of the boon of Bhagwati Jagadamba, the energy of goddess, who is known as Gauri  was born in the house of Daksha,this same energy  was consort of Lord Shiva in the past.  This goddess was named Sati due to representing true part of Bhagwati Jagdamba. Later on, the same goddess Sati married Lord Shiva.

Once upon a time, sage Durvasa went to Bhagwati Jagdamba, the presiding deity residing on the banks of Jambunad.  Bhagwati was seen there by sage.After this, he started chanting a mantra called Mayabija.  Deveshwari was pleased and gave sage durvasa her garland of flowers as a Prasad.  Due to the pollen of the divine flowers, the bees were hovering and humming on that garland.The sage bowed his head and took it.  After this, the supreme ascetic came forth from there and went through the sky where Sati’s father Daksha Prajapati was seated himself.  At that time, Daksha prajapati asked the sage – Lord!  Whose is this divine garland?  How did you get this rosary  extremely rare for the people of the world?

Hearing these words of ,Daksha Prajapati, Muniver Durvasaki’s eyes were filled with tears, his heart got overwhelmed with love.  He replied – this is the rare prasad of Bhagwati Jagadambaka .Then Sati’s father Daksha prayed to the monk – Please give me this garland. There is no such item in Triloki, which could not be given to the worshiper of Bhagwati Jagadamba – considering that the sage gave the garland   to daksha prajapati.  Daksha bowed his head and took the garland.  Later, he put that  garland on a very beautiful bed in a room for the joy of husband and wife and had intercourse with her wife the same night.  Due to the effect of this sinful act, there was hatred in the mind of Daksha towards Lord Shankar and Goddess Sati.

The result of the same crime was that Daksha did not invite Shiva and Sati in his yagya.  Sati went into that yagya without being invited due to her father’s love. Lord Shiva stopped her from going but she did not listen to them. Seeing that Lord Shiva was being insulted in that yagya,with the thought of displaying the sati-dharma goddess sati left her body given by daksha.

After sacrificing Sati’s body, Lord Shankar’s anger created a catastrophe in the triloki. When Virabhadra appeared and took Bhadrakali together and started to destroy all the three worlds, then the Gods took refuge in Lord Shankara. Daksha was killed and his yagna was destroyed in every way.  Then Lord Shiva, the ocean of compassion, bestowed abbey to the deities.  Along with this, by arranging the goat’s head, he also arranged for Daksh to be alive.

 After that, Mahatma Maheshwar went to the sacrificial fire very depressed.  He saw, Satis body was burning in fire.  ‘oh Sati!’  Repeatedly repeating this word, Shiva lifted that body and placed it on his shoulder and started going astray in every part of country like a mad man.  Then the mind of the gods  Brahma etc got very worried. At that time Lord Vishnu cut Sati’s body from his chakra. Subsequently, wherever there were pieces of the body of gpddess, many idols of Shankara appeared.

The place where the parts of the Goddess Sati fell, all the places are called Shaktipeeth.  In those beautiful placs, Bhagwati Jagadamba lives with Lord Shiva.

In this way, due to his sinful acts, there was hatred towards  Shiva and Shakti in the mind of Daksha.

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