Vashishta ji’s curse to King Nimi and boon to the king by Bhagwati Jagadamba

Long ago there used to be a king named Nimi, who was very religious.  At one time , Nimi pledged to perform a yjana.  He collected all the necessary items and built a Yagya altar too, after finding a clean place .  The king built a very large pavilion in place of the altar.  Nimi sent invitations to many great sages for that yajna.

Vashisht ji was the master of King Nimi.  For this reason, it was decided to make him Acharya.  Nimi went to vashistha with  invitation .  After listening to Nimi, Vashistha says, Rajan, I have already taken the task of preforming the yagya of Devraj Indra.  The duration of which is 500 years.  That is why I will finish the work of Indra first and do your work later.  Till then you wait for me.  Listening to Vashistha Ji, Nimi says, Gurudev, I have collected all the materials.  How to handle them now, it is difficult to keep them for 500 years.  That is why you first perform my yajna and then go to perform the yajna of Indra.

 Vashishtinje, did not even listen to a word of Nimi.  He went to perform the yajna of Indra.  This made King Nimi very sad.  After this, Maharaja Nimi made Rishi Gautama his Acharya and  started his yagna.  After the completion of the yajna, king gave many gifts to the Brahmins.  Meanwhile, after 500 years, Vashisht ji came after completing the Yajna of Indra.  He remembered that, earlier, I was asked by the king  Nimi  to perform a yajna.  Now I should go over there and see what King Nimi is doing.  Thinking this, Vashisht ji went to Nimi’s palace.  Vashisht ji asked the guards to inform the king about his arrival.  But at that time King Nimi was sleeping, so the guards did not wake him up.

The king was in deep sleep and Vasishtha ji thought that the king was insulting him.  Vashisht came to know that the king has completed his yagna through the sage Gautama.  With the king not coming, Vasistha was enraged.  Vashishta cursed the kimg Nimi  that, you become Videha means body less .  When the soldiers heard the curse, they were horrified.  Soon after, they went the king and woke him up, hearing this news, King Nimi came in front of the angry Vasishtha.  Maharaj did not have any ill feelings in his mind.  He started saying very sweet and serious words.

 The king said, Gurudev you are a very godly person.  Still how you got angry.  You know, I am innocent, I begged you a lot, but you did not listen to me.  By becoming greedh you went to , perform indra’s yajna.  For this reason, I performed my yjana by making  Maharishi Gautam Acharya.  You cursed me in vain in anger.  Brahmins should never be angry, because anger is more untouchable than Chandal.  Gurudev, Brahmins should always remain calm, always benefit others.  You are the son of Lord Brahma himself, yet how did you become influenced by  anger.  Subjugated by this anger, you cursed me in vain ,without any reason.

 After saying this , the king said, Guruvar, now I curse you too.  The anger  that caused you to curse me, I also curse you that this body full of anger may be destroyed.  In this way Vashistha and Nimi cursed each other.  Hearing that Maharaja Nimi got cursed, many sages of his kingdom kept the king’s soul in his body by mantra.  Because the king had initiated the yajna at that time.  The sages applied sandalwood to hos body, many garlands of various types of flowers and performed a yagna through him.

As soon as the yagya was over, all the gods come there.  The sages  welcomed them and all the gods were very happy.  They said to King Nimi, Maharaj, ask for your desired boon.  Like Vashishtaji, you can take any body of a god or a human.  We will definitely fulfill that wish.  Hearing the words of the gods, the king said, Devraj Indra, I want to be free from the cycle of birth and death .  I do not want to take any body.  I wish that I could be  in the eyes of all beings.  As a result, from where  all living beings see, I live there.  Hearing this, the gods said, Rajan, if you have this desire, then you worship Bhagwati Jagadamba, she is capable of fulfilling this desire.  At this time Goddess Bhagwati Jagadamba is very pleased with your yjana.

Listening to Devaraja, King Nimi praised Bhagwati Jagadamba.  Bhagwati Jagadamba appeared there at the same time with delight.  She was seated on the lion and millions of sun-like light was spreading from her body.  Devi said to King Nimi, I am very happy with you.  Whatever you desire in your mind, ask for it, it will surely be fulfilled.  Hearing this, the king said, Goddess, give me the knowledge to release me from bondage, so that I do not have to sufder in the cycle of birth and death.  Hearing the king’s words, the goddess said, “King Nimi, you still have some karma left.  That is why you cannot get rid of the cycle of birth and death right now.  But you no longer have to take a body.  You be a breeze in the eyes of all living beings.  I will provide you with knowledge, so that you will be freed.  Having said this, Goddess Jagadamba disappeared by meeting the sages present there.

 At that time King Nimi’s soul came out of his body.  But the sages present at that place did not burn that body.  They started churning the body with wood etc. so that heir of the king could be born.  After some time another beautiful boy appeared from that body.  He was as if the king nimi himself was born again.  Due to his appearance from churning, this child was called Mithi.  Being born from the father’s body he was called Janaka.  Because of Nimi being Videha, each king born in their clan is called  Videha.  Later, every king born in that family was named Janak.

In this way, the Nimi king was cursed by g Vasishta.  By the grace of Goddess Jagadamba, he remains in the  eyelids of all beings as air and this reason, each king born in their clan is called Videha.

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