The story of the marriage of Lakshmi’s son Ekveer and Princess Ekavali by the grace of Bhagwati Jagadamba

 In the past there used to be a king named Harivarma.  Harivarma did severe penance for 100 years to get a son like Lord Vishnu.  Then Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi took the form of horse and produced a son.  Lord Vishnu gave that son to Harivarma.  Harivarma adopted vishnu’s son named him Ekveer.  When Lakshmi’s son Ekveer grew up, Harivarma handed him over the kingdom and went into the forest himself.

One day when Ekveer went hunting.  He along with his army had gone into the dense forest.  On the banks of the river Ganges in the forest, Ekveer found a lake.  That lake was filled with many types of lotus flowers.  Ekveer was walking near that lake.  A women was seen crying at a distance from that lake.  Going to the girl, Ekveer asked her, who are you.  What are you doing here, what is the reason for sitting in this deserted forest and crying.  Is anyone hurting you, where are your parents and where is your husband.  Please tell me how you came here.

Hearing the words of Ekveer, the woman started saying.  Only when there is misery, humans cry, no one cries without suffering.  I will tell you the reason for crying Listen.  Away from your state, there is another state.  The king there is Rebhaya, he had no child.  Then, with the inspiration of his wife, the king performed a yagya to get children.  In that yajna, that king received a daughter.  His daughter was named Ekavali by the king.  I am the daughter of the minister of the same king, my name is Yashomati.

When Ekavali, the one with a very beautiful body became a little younger.  Then both of us used to go outside the city to tour with many other friends.  Many soldiers were also appointed to protect us.  Once, in search of lotus flowers, she went away from the city to the forest.  Princess Ekavali loved lotus flowers.  Wherever lotus flowers were seen, she would get lost in them.  Then I told the king that, your daughter goes far away in the forest, in the search of lotus flowers.  There is no fear of wild creatures or demons.  Hearing me, the king built small ponds filled with lotus in the palace for his beloved daughter.

Even after the king did so, sometimes Ekavali used to go out of the city in search of lotus flowers.  One day we went out of the city in search of lotus flowers.  We had a lot of soldiers with us and a lot of other friends.  We went far into the forest in search of lotus flowers.  A very beautiful lake was found there.  Away from the soldiers, Eklavi and I were looking at the flowers in the lake.  At the same time a monster arrived there.  His name was Kalketu, he was terrible in appearance.  His shape was very huge.  Seeing him, I said to my friend Ekavali, now we should go among the soldiers, because this monster can hurt us.

 Ekavali agreed with me and both of us went into the circle of soldiers at that moment.  When Kalketu saw Ekavali, he was attracted towards her.  After this he started moving towards Ekavali.  The soldiers tried to stop him, but he killed all the soldiers.  Kidnapping Ekavali, along with all his soldiers, he went his city.  His city was below the ground.  Seeing my friend kidnapped by kalketu, I too followed her.  I said to that monster, I am ready to come with you, but you leave my friend.  Kalketu did not listen to me at all.  He told me, tell the princess to marry me.  I told him, Kalketu Ekavali is my best friend. Why should I tell her like this?  I know you are not worthy of her.  That is why you keep your proposal before her.

 Listening to me, the monster started to say to Ekavali, Princess I am fascinated by you, I want to marry you.  After marrying me, you can spend your life as a queen of this kingdom.  That’s why you should soon convince yourself  to marry me.  Listening to Kalketu, Ekavali said, Kalketu, I have already chosen King Ekveer as my husband.  My father also wants to marry me to him.  That is why remove the idea of ​​marrying me and release me from your bondage.  Yashomati says, Kalketu became very angry on hearing these words of Ekavali.  He put both of us in jail.  Leaving my friend there, I am waiting here and waiting for the king named Ekvir and weeping because of this condition of my friend.

 On hearing Yashomati, Ekveer says, women, in this world, there is only one king named Ekveer and that is me.  The princess has taken over my mind.  I am fascinated by her.  I will go and protect this princess at this very moment.  I will marry the princess after killing that kalketu monster.  But I do not understand one thing, how did you reach here, leaving your sad friend in jail.  Tell me the truth of how you got liberated from the prison of Kalketu.

Listening to Ekveer, Yashomati says, king I have known the mantra of Bhagwati Jagdamba since childhood.  I always keep reciting that mantra.  In that jail I chanted the mantra of Jagadamba.  After a month, Bhagwati Jagadamba came into my dream.  Devi said to me, you go to the banks of the Ganges at this very moment.  There King Ekveer along with his army is  going to come for hunting.  King Ekveer is my great devotee.  He always keep chanting my mantra.  Even for a  moment, I am not away from his heart.  Among all creatures, the see King sees only me.  You bring the king here soon.  He will kill this monster kalketu in the battle.  After that you get Ekvir and Ekavali married.  I told Ekavali about my dream and left the prison.  No one, anywhere could stop me with the grace of Goddess.

On hearing these words  of Yashomati, Ekveer gets ready to go to the city of Kalketu.  After reaching there, a fierce battle ensues between Kalketu and Ekveer.  In that war, Ekveer puts an end to Kalketu.  The prince ekvir then visits Ekavali and takes her to her kingdom . When Ekavali’s father comes to know about the whole incident he thanks Ekvir for saving his daughter.  With great pleasure, his daughter Ekavali marries Prince Ekvir.

In this way Ekavali and Ekveer were married by the grace of Bhagwati Jagadamba.

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