Know how the Brahmin who became a snake by curse was freed by Rurumuni

In the past there was a sage named Ruru who was born from the womb of Pratapi, wife of Pramati born in the lineage of.  Rurumuni was married to Pramdwara, the daughter of a sage named Stoolakeshi.  This girl, named Pramdwara, was the daughter of Apsara Maneka of heaven and Vishvavasu, whom Maneka left at the time of birth near the ashram of Sthulakeshi Muni.  Sthulakeshi Muni nurtured pramdwara. While preparations were going on for Rurumuni and Pramdwara’s marriage,one day , Pramdwara was roaming in the courtyard of her house .  At the same time, a snake was lying there  in the courtyard.  As soon as pramadwara kept feet on the the snake lying on the ground, it stung her and the died immediately.

When Rurumuni came to know about this, he came to Pramdwara’s house and seeing his future wife dead, he went to the banks of the river and took a vow that if by the fruits of his virtuous deeds Pramdwara, would not become alive ,he would end the snakes and Will give up his life.  Rurumuni gave life to his future wife by giving half his lifespan and according to his vow, whenever the snake appeared, he would kill the snake with wood in his hand.

 Once upon a time when Rurumuni was wandering on the land, he saw a snake there.  Rurmuni quickly took the wood in his hand and started attacking the snake.  As soon as the snake was hurt, the snake said, “O Brahmin, why are you killing me? What a mess you are, I am not venomous, I only look like those other snakes.”  After listening to that snake, the sage says, My name is Ruru, in the past, my wife was stung by a snake that left her dead. Then I had vowed that I would kill the snakes, since then I have been wandering on the earth, killing the snakes.  Rurumuni says, I have not seen a snake talking like a human being till date, tell the truth , who you .

The snake says, Muniver is an ancient time, I was a Brahmin, I had a friend named Khecher.  Khecher was a very religious, truthful and Jitendra Brahmin.  I  made a snake of a rope and threw it near Khecher and tricked him, at that time he was sitting in the yjana and doing yjana.  He was horrified to see the snake.  All his limbs began to tremble.  There was panic in his entire body.  As soon as this secret of the snake was revealed, he cursed me that, oh fool, you have scared me by making me  snake of the rope, so you too become a snake and I became a snake at that moment.

 When I realized my mistake, I apologized to my friend for a long time.  After apologizing like this, my friend Khecher’s heart was moved and he said, there will be one of the sage named Ruru in future.  His wife will die due to snake bite, then he will take the vowto kill snakes and one day when he will kill you, you will be liberated.

 O Munivar Brahmin , violence does not suit .  Non violence is his nature, that is why you should stop committing violence and adopt non-violence.  The words of my friend will be true today, according to what he said, you should set fire to liberate me.

 After that snake was killed, he was freed from the life of Brahmin snake and Ruru stopped killing Snake.

 In this way the Brahmin snake was freed  by Ruru Muni.

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