Know how Indra got rid of the sin of killing Brahmin

Devraj Indra, afraid of losing heaven, killed Twashta’s son Trishira with his thunderbolt.  To avenge his son’s death, Tvastha produced a second son Vritrasura.  Vritrasura got a boon by doing austerities of Brahma, that his death should not be from any such weapon which is made of iron or wood.  His death should not be from wet or dry thing and should not die in any other weapons.  There should be so much strength in me that I defeat the gods.  On the strength of this boon, Vritrasura drove Indra and the gods out of heaven and became Indra himself.

 On the advice of Lord Vishnu, the gods at that time befriended Indra with Vritrasura.  After this both Vritrasura and Indra became close friends.  Vritrasura trusted Indrapara completely.  But Devraj Indra always kept looking for an opportunity to kill Vritrasura.  Once both of them were walking on the sea shore.  Then, Indra killed Vritrasura by hiding his vajra in the sea foam produced on the beach.  At that time the Goddess aadishakti had introduced her energy in Vajra .  After killing Vritrasura, Indra incurred the sin of a brahmin.

 After this, everyone in the world condemned Indra.  Gods used to say , how sinful Indra is.  He killed Vritrasura, who believed in him so much.  It is treacherous, we sages also supported it.  It is a disgrace to the word sage used for us.  Indra was not getting peace due to his act.  He was not interested in anything.  Indra’s wife Shachine asked Indra, Lord,  your enemy Vritrasura was killed, yet why are you looking so worried and sad.  Hearing Shachi, Indra says, I am very distracted nowadays.  My mind does not get rest, I have committed a sin like killing Brahmin.  Now I have to get rid of this.

 After spending a few days in heaven, Indra left heaven one day without telling anyone.  Going to Mansarovar, he started hiding there in a lotus tube.  At that time Indra did not even realize his duty.  He left his kingdom of heaven just like that.  Here the gods searched for Indra a lot but they did not find him anywhere.  All the sages and deities put Nahusha on Indra’s post, considering that Indra’s position should not be kept vacant.

 After becoming Indra ,Nahusha became fascinated on Shachi and forgetting his righteousness, he wanted to make Shachi his wife.  The gods were very unhappy with this and tried hard to find their former Indra.  But could  not find him anywhere.  Then all the gods went to Lord Vishnu in Vaikuntha.  Lord Vishnu is omnipotent and omnipresent.  Nothing in this world is hidden from him.  The gods sought help from him to inform them about Indra’s location.  They also asked for the way to free Indra from the sin of killing a brahmin.

Then Lord Vishnu, the gracious, said the gods to help them, at this time Devaraja is residing in a lotus tube in Mansarovar.  You should make him perform Ashwamedha Yagya , this yajna is a guaranteed way to please Bhagwati Jagadamba.  By this, Bhagwati will be happy on Indra and he will be freed from the sin of killing.  Obtaining the order of Lord Vishnu, all the gods went to Manasarovar with brihaspati ji where Indra was hiding.

 Brihaspati ji made indra perform Ashwamedha Yagna in association with the gods.  Lord Vishnu appeared there after the yagna was completed.  He split the sin of killing Brahma of Indra and threw it slightly into rivers, mountains, forests and womens. After this Indra Brahma was freed from the sin of killing a brahmin.  Vishnu said to the gods, after some time Nahusha, will be removed from the post of Indra,  as a result of his sins.  After that, you guys re-establish Devraj in the position of Indra.

A few days later, due to the curse of Maharishi Agastya, Nahusha was expelled from the post and he became a large snake.  After this, the gods installed Devaraja on the post of Indra.

 Thus, by performing the Ashwamedha Yajna to please Bhagwati Adishakti, as per Lord Vishnu’s order, Devraj Indra was freed from the sin of killing a brahmin.

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