Story of Ruru Muni reviving his future wife by giving his half lifespan.

 A man named Pramati was born in Bhrigu’s lineage. Pramati’s wife’s name was Pratapi.  Rurumuni was born from the womb of the pratapi, who was great and religious man.  At the same time, there was a sage named Stoolakeshi, he was very religious and truthful.  Once upon a time, Apsara named Maneka was playing in the water of the river.  Sage Vishwa vasu saw Apsara menaka and got attracted to her and had an affair with menaka.  A few months later, Maneka delivered a girl near the ashram of Sthulakeshi Muni and she went to heaven.  Sthulakeshi Rishi kept that girl with him, named her Pramdwara and nurtured that orphan girl.  Over time, that girl would grew up, she had all the auspicious signs.  Rurumuni saw the pramdwara and was fascinated by her.

 Rurumuni was a bit disappointed after coming to his ashram. Seeing this condition of the son, Rurumuni’s father asked him the reason for his disappointment.  Ruru Muni said, I want to marry Pramdwara, daughter of Sthulakeshi Muni.  Ruru’s father, hearing this, goes to the ashram of Sthulakeshi Muni and makes him favorable by speaking the auspicious words, and later asks him for his daughter pramdwara to be married to his son ruru. Sage Sthulkeshi  also agrees to this marriage.  Both sages stay in same place and prepare for the marriage of their son and daughter.  At the same time, one day Pramdwara was roaming in the courtyard of her house.  In the courtyard of the house there was a lazy snake, the snake bit pramdwara as soon as the pramdwara stepped on it.  At that moment, Pramdwara’s soul flew and her body fell on the ground.

Seeing the dead body of Pramdwara lying on the ground, there was a cry among all Brahmins.  Everyone came and stood there and started saying what happened, how this incident happened on the auspicious festival of marriage.  Stulakeshi muni came out of the house and started mourning seeing his daughter dead, some Brahmins tried to convince him but his sorrow did not end.  In some way this news reached Ruru Muni also ,when he came crying to the  the house of Pramdvara and her dead body was lying. after coming there ,Ruruni became very sad after seeing the dead body and he was very hurt after listening to everyone’s talk.  Somehow, he came out from the crowd gathered in front of pramad saras house and went to the banks of the river and started thinking sadly, what should I do now, where do I go, fate has sent that snake to be there only to realize my destiny.

Rurmuni was thinking, should I commit sucide, but what will I get by committing a disgusting act like suicide. Will my dear Pramdwara become alive, or will I get her as wife in other world, nothing like this is going to happen  , on the contrary, my head will bear the sin of sucide.  That is why i should not commit  suicide at this time.  After this, Rurumani stood up suddenly and took the river water in his hand and vowed, if I have faithfully served my parents during my lifetime, studied the Vedas, always told the truth,  If I have not given sorrow to anyone , then  my dear pramadya will become alive, otherwise I will definitely sacrifice my life and destroy the snakes.  Saying this, Rurumuni left the water in his hand.

 Rurumuni was mourning like this, saddened by his future wife’s death.  Then a messenger sent by God came there and said to Rurumuni, why are you daring like this sage. Can a dead woman ever become alive, forget the pramadwara right now.  Foolish man what kind of love after a person dies, find another woman for yourself and marry her and live a happy life.  Do not do such foolishness, Maneka had this girl, her lifespan is complete and that is why she died.  At the end of life, all beings die.  Hearing the messengers words, Rurumuni says that now whether the pramdwara will become alive or not, it is true that I will never marry another woman.  The messenger was very pleased to hear this from sage Ruru and he said, ‘sage there is a way of bringing your wife back to life, whose advantage gods have been taken  in the past, if you wish, you can make your future wife alive by  giving half of your  lifespan.

 Upon hearing this from the messenger, Rurumuni immediately agreed to give Pramod his half lifespan and make her alive again.  At the same time Vishwavasu Muni also came there on a plane and he had to come there after hearing the news of his daughter’s death.  Then both the messenger and vishwavasu went to Dharmaraja and said to him, Dharmaraja this is the daughter of  Vishvavasu Muni and  Maneka.  Sage sthoolkeshi has raised her.  She has died because her lifespan is complete and  now sage Ruru wants to revive her by giving her half of his lifespan.

 Listening to the messenger, Dharmaraj says, if you want to revive  pramdwara , then give her half the lifespan of sage Ruru and make her alive again.  The messenger came to the ashram and brought Pramdwara back to life , after which Rurumuni and Pramdwara got married and both of them remained happy till their life span was complete.

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