Slaying of Madhu and Kaitabh

There used to be a king named Surath in Swarochish manvantar. The king was very liberal minded,truthful and used to govern his subjects like children.He was generous , not liking to quarrel with anybody, and expert in the science of archery. While he was thus governing his kingdom, the Mlechchas, known as destroyers of the city kola , became his enemies. In a few days, the king fought with them, despite the king’s army exceeding in number, king Surath lost his kingdom to mlechhas  and started living only as the king of his own capital, but there also his evil ministers with the help of mlechhas took ove the capital . The king was very unhappy with this  and one day, on the pretext of hunting , he climbed on a horse  went to a dense forest leaving his wife and childrens in the city.

In the dense forest, he found the hermitage of saint named Medha , where he was welcomed by Medha Muni and was given a place to stay . while living in the hermitage of saint medha  King Surath  used to think  , the kingdom I had built with so much hard work today  Is under someone else’s control.  Those who used to follow me, these days they might be following those evil ministers . Those ministers and other kings might be looting my hard earned money and property. The king thinking like this and becoming untrustful sometimes was spending his time in the Hermitage of the saint .

One day in the hermitage Surat king, met a Vaishya named Samadhi . to know about him, the king asked who are you brother and what are you doing here. Vaishya, replied my name is Samadhi, I am born in a very rich family, my wife and children have lured me out of my house due to the greed of money, that’s why I am living in this forest.  I always worry thinking , whether my wife and children are happy or not, what they might be doing, how their life might be going. I know these people are bad, yet I am not able to stop my mind think about them . I know that there is a flaw in them, yet I am not able to stop my mind from thinking about them.

After speaking to the Samadhi Vaishya, the King  said  , for those people who do not care for you at all, you have such love in your heart ,it is very surprising . The king also told his story to that Vaishya, hearing that Vaishya said , what is happening with me is also happening with you, i cannot stop worrying about the people who do not have love for me and you cannot stop thinking about the state knowing  it is not yours.  Then both of them decided to go to saint Medha  to ask a solution to this problem .Later  both of them went to him and started questioning in a polite manner.

Respected saint , I want to ask you one thing. I know that the state is no longer mine, yet I  have a fascination for the state. This Vaishya also has the same condition. His family forced him out of the house due to greed for money , Still  he is thinking about their  good.  why are our minds attracted towards the  things and people who have galiya like foolish people, please tell us .

The sage says , the knowledge of subject is there to all living beings. Similarly, the subject is also different for everyone. Some animals do not see in the day and others do not see at night and there are some creatures who see it equally in day and night.  It is okay that human beings are intelligent but they are not the only ones having intelligence . All animals are intelligent, humans understand the world same way as those animals and birds.  In spite of having understanding, look at these birds, while still hungry themselves, they fall in fascination and put grains of food in the beak of their children.  Humans also do something similar, thinking that children will take care of us in old age, they work hard day and night for them and wish for service from their sons. so it is not that  all are mindless but under the influence of Mahamaya , in the whirlpool in Mamta they are diving, so do not be surprised.

Dear king, it is only the Maya of Lord Vishnu who is captivating the creatures of the whole world, this Goddess creates the world and also fascinates the minds of the learned.  She is the goddess who frees the world from bondage and paves the way to salvation.

The king asked, respected best of saints, who is this goddess, how did she originate, when and where did this goddess come from, the monk said , Dear king , this goddess  is all pervading , the whole world is her form and she has spread in the whole world.  Although this Goddess is formless but when she takes form herself to do the work of the Gods, she is said to have appeared.

Now let me tell you the story when the goddess appeared  after Lord Brahma and Vishnu prayed her for help to kill the demons named Madhu and Katitabh.  At the end of the cycle, when Lord Vishnu was sleeping on the bed of Sheshnag after  the destrucrion of whole universe.Two demons named Madhu and Katabh appeared out of his ear.  these two demons one seeing Brahma , decided to kill him.  Brahma ji, sitting on a lotus emanating from the navel of Lord Vishnu, saw these two demons coming to fight him  and when he looked at Lord Vishnu for help, vishnu appeared asleep. Then Brahma Ji prayed Goddessi Yoganidra, residing in eyes and body of lord vishnu as sleep .  Hearing the prayer of Brahma Ji, Goddess Yoganidra separated herself  from Lord Vishnu’s body ,took her beautiful eternal form and stood in front of Brahma Ji. After getting free from yoga sleep, Lord Vishnu agreed to fight with Madhu and Kaithabh on Brahma’ s request.

Later a terrible war started between Lord Vishnu and the demons, this war lasted for 5000 years, yet Lord Vishnu could not kill these two demons.  After meditating he learned  that both of them can be killed with the help of Goddess Yoganidra.  Then he prayed to Goddess Yoganidra to help him defeat the demons in this war. Hearing the request of Vishnu, the goddess tempted both the demons. Then Lord Vishnu praised both the demons and told them to ask for  boon him.  Hearing this, the demons who were tempted by  Yogamaya , said you are fighting us for last 5000 years still not able to defeat us,what kind of boon can you give, instead ask from us  we will give you whatever  you want. Vishnu gladly agreed to these words of  demons and told them, what will be benefit of some other boon at this time .  If you want to give me a boon, then give this boon that both of you will die by my hands.

Hearing these words of Vishnu, both the demons realized that both of them had made a big mistake. When they saw water all around, then they said , Vishnu you kill us in a place ,where there is no water.  Lord Vishnu then  took his universal form ,  kept  the heads of both demons on his thigh  and separated  their heads by sudarshan chakra .

In this way, the goddess, when prayed by  Brahma appeared and helped Lord Vishnu  kill the demons named Madhu and Kaitabh.

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