Know how Jagdamba got the name Shatakshi and Shakambhari

In ancient times there was a demon named Durgam who was born in the dynasty of Hiranyaksha and was the son of King Ruru.  The gods get strength from the Vedas, if I destroy the Vedas, then the gods will become powerless, thinking that he went to the Himalayan mountain with the idea of ​​doing penance.

 After going there, he started meditating on Lord Brahma .  Durgam was surviving only on air.  He did penance of Brahma for a thousand years, because of this all  gods and demons were greatly traumatized.  Lord Brahma  was pleased with his austerity and appeared in front of Durgam by sitting on his swan and said, durgam I am delighted with your austerity, whatever boon you want, ask for it.

Hearing these words of Brahma Ji, the demon durgam said to him, Lord, please give me  all Vedas, all the Vedas should remain with me and strengthen me so that I can defeat the gods.  Then Brahma gave him that boon and went to Satyaloka.

After that all the Brahmins  forgot the Vedas, due to forgetting the Vedas, all the functions like bathing, evening, chanting, austerity etc. also disappeared.  Due to the absence of Yajna etc., all the gods ceased to receive the energy from yajna and  durgam defeated the gods and drove them out of heaven, then the gods started meditating on Jagdamba in the caves and on the mountains.

 The rain  stopped due to non-performance of the yjana, people started becoming old untimely, all the ponds and rivers dried up.  There was not even a single drop of water on the earth, such a situation lasted for hundred years.  Some animals lost their lives.  Corpse humans were spread in each and every house.

 When such horrific time arose, all the Brahmins, went to the Himalayan Mountains to pray Adishakti Jagadamba, who is the bestower of fortune and well-being . There, they  remained unharmed and meditate and pray the Goddess.  Pleased with their prayer, the Goddess who is known as Parmeshwari and Bhuvameshwari, appeared with her infinite eyes in divine form.

The goddess had in her hands the bow, arrow, chakra and many kinds of juices and  fruits  which were used to overcome  old age, hunger, thirst and also had in her hands many other edible substances.  Her form was radiant like millions of suns and this goddess was looking at all the gods and Brahmins with her compassionate eyes.

This compassionate  goddess started pouring water from her infinite eyes, so that all the rivers , Wells and the ponds were filled with water.  Sea water level also rose up.  All creatures and forests were also  satisfied after getting water after a long time.  The gods, who were earlier hiding in caves and mountains, now were roaming out fearlessly.

Then all the gods and Brahmins started praising the goddess.  The Goddess had shed the streams of water , for the welfare of all living beings with her infinite eyes, which is why gods and sages addressed her as Shatakshi (Infinite eyed one ).  The goddess had produced many types of substances  for the eating of all beings, hence she became famous as Shakambhari ( Provider of eatables ).

 In this way Jagadamba became known as Shatakshi and Shakambhari in the world.

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