Bhakti the goddess of devotion and her children knowledge and reclusion becoming young from old by hearing Shrimad Bhagwat Puran.

 Devarshi Narada is one of the great devotees Lord Krishna.  He is always traveling.  Once upon a time, Naradji saw sankadi sages.  Sankadi sages asked Naradji, Narada, why are you looking so anxious, where are you going in such a hurry.  Hearing the words of the Sankadi sages, Narada said, “All of you sages are the psyche sons of Brahma.”  You are older than all the creatures of the world in age, but you look like children of five years.  It is your nature to be absorbed in devotion to Lord Vishnu.  I salute you all.

 Narada ji says, sages, considering the earth to be a good world,I Devarshi Narada came to visit the shrines of the earth.  Visited places like Gokarna, Srisailam, Tirupati, Dwarka, Kedar, Badrinath etc. But I could not find peace at any place.  People have become very vicious in Kali Yuga.  It is their nature to tell lies, only womens have become masters of  the house, brothers of wives have become advisors.  Greed has held everyone, people fight with each other over trivial matters.  All Vedic religions have been destroyed.  Those who are called as Brahmins are only hypocrites.

After seeing all the other pilgrimages, I visited the rivers of Ganga and reached Vrindavan on the banks of river Yamuna.  There I found some peace, I saw a young woman there, she was sitting in front of two old men and weeping.  There were a lot of women around her, who were blowing her a fan.  Standing some distance away in the sky, I saw that woman, seeing me, the young lady prostrated me and said, “Oh Mahatma ji, stay a bit, help me, I am very confused.”  Hearing such things of that young lady, I asked her, who are you, Goddess, and who are the two old people here, who are these, what are you worried of, and who are these women who fan you

Hearing my words, the goddess said, sage Narada I am devotion, these two old men here are both my sons.  I was born in the Dravidian country, brought up in Karnataka, honored in Maharashtra, and surrounded by old age when I came to Gujarat.  After wandering all the states, when I came to Vrindavan, my old age was gone and I became a young woman, but my two sons are still old.  Here these women who fan me are all these rivers, who have come to console me after seeing my suffering.  You are a saintly man, there is nothing hidden from you in this world, please tell me the solution to make these two sons young again and give the reason for our growing old.

 Devarshi Narada bowed down to Bhakti Devi and said, Devi wait a moment, I will try to know by meditation what is the reason for your problem.  In a few moments, Devarshi realized the caise of problem of devotion, knowledge and recluse through meditation and he told Bhakti Devi, after the arrival of  Kali Yuga, all the Vedic religions have been destroyed in the world.  That is why devotion, knowledge and recluse have also become old.  In this Vrindavan, Lord Krishna himself  grew up with Radha Devi and performed many Leela’s. for this reason, every particle of this place is full of devotion to Lord Shri Krishna and Radha Rani.  That’s why, when you came to this place  became a young woman, but your two sons, Gyan and Viragya, are old.

 After saying this, Devarshi Narada told all the Vedas and memories to knowledge and recluse, but still they remained old.  They got only a little power so that they could get up and sit, then Devarshi Narada was surprised and he said to Bhakti Devi, I am going from here at this time and will soon come up with a solution to make both of your sons young.  Devarshi Narada went to many pilgrimages and asked all the sages located there about this subject, but no one gave an answer.  Some people postpone the talk, otherwise some people would go away by goving unsatisfactory answers.  When no answer was found anywhere, Devarshi Narada thought of doing penance, at that time Sanakadi Kumar appeared before him.

 When Devarshi Naradji told the Sankadi Kumaras about his problem, those Sanakadi Kumaras said that Devarshi , devarshi there is already a solution.  Only by listening to Srimad Bhagwat can knowledge and recluse become youth again.  That’s why you prepare for recitation of Bhagwat text, we will come there and tell the story of Bhagwat to everyone.  Hearing this story, Abhimanyu Kumar Parikshit was liberated at the beginning of Kali Yuga.  Taking the permission of Sankadi Kumar, Devarsa Narada organized the recitation Bhagwat text at Anand Ghat on the banks of river Ganga.

 Many sages came to hear that story, siddhas came and many gods also changed form and were present in that meeting.  As soon as the story started, Bhakti came to the place and made everyone’s heart happy.  After the end of the story, knowledge and recluse again became young men.

 In this way, all three were able to get freedom from their old age by listening to Srimad Bhagwat.

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