Greatness of hearing shrimad Bhagwat Puran – Salvation of Dhundhukari from vampires body

At the beginning of Kali Yuga,a husband wife named Atma Deva and Dhunduli lived in a town on the banks of river Tungabhadra.  Atma Dev had no shortage of wealth and pleasures.  Atmadeva was a scholar of the Vedas and extremely stunning, but his wife was cunny and lazy.  Both of them were unhappy due to not having children even though they had all the comforts.  Even after performing yagna, havan and donation etc., Atma Dev did not have any children.  Once Atma Dev was sadly going through the path of the forest.  He found a monk there and on requesting him very much, the monk gave a fruit to Atma Dev and asked him to give the fruit to his wife Dhunduli.

Dhundhuli was very lazy and she fed the fruit to her cow.  At that time, Dhunduli’s sister was also pregnant, Dhunduli paid her sister’s husband and made a deal to get her child and started living in the house herself.  At the end of time, Dhundhuli’s sister gave birth to a son, she brought him and gave him to Dhundhuli and told everyone that her son died as soon as he was born.  Dhunduli also brought her sister  home by telling her husband that there was no milk in her breasts.  Atma Dev named his son Dhundukari.  Three months later, the cow, which was fed by Dhunduli the fruit given to her by the monk, also gave birth to a child. The child’s ears, born from the belly of the cow were like the cow, so Atma Dev named him Gokarna.

Atmadeva performed jata kam of both gokarna and dhunukari  and started the process of teaching Vedas etc. to both.  Gokarna had a great interest in studying Vedas, he was of a sattvik nature and treated everyone well.  He had no interest in the world and wanted to be a ascetic.  Gokarna’s brother was Dhundukari Tamoguni, he would always quarrel with children of his age.  He would take the ball from those children and drop them into the water on the pretext of giving it.  He used to cause a lot of trouble for Atma Dev and Dhundali.

When both grew up, after a few years Gokarna left his town for a pilgrimage and here only his son and wife Dhundhi, remained with Atmudev .  After growing dhundhukari,  was very defiant, he started stealing, he would take anything from people’s homes.  Sometimes he would pick up the children and throw them in the well.  People became very upset by his behavior.  He looted all the wealth of the father after falling in the clutches of the prostitutes, because of this Atma Dev started crying bitterly.

 Atmadeva was greatly disturbed by this behavior of his son Dhundhari.  He started thinking in his mind that ,instead of having such a son, I would have remained without a son.  Such a son only hurts and shows the way to hell.  Before the birth of Dhundhukari that monk had rightly told me that I should be a ascetic, because if there are such sons in family life, then there is no hope of happiness.  I should have listened to that monk at that time, if I had listened, I would not have seen this day today.  Atmadeva kept thinking like this and, having become unhappy with his household life, he had made up his mind to leave the world.

 A few days later Gokarna ji came to his father after completing his pilgrimage and he gave his father knowledge of vairagya.  Gokarn ji said, Father, this world is mortal, nothing remains constant here.  Some time ago you were a very rich person but today you have nothing.  That is why, abandon the attachment of these worldly things and indulge in Bhagavad Bhakti, because only the devotion of Supreme God Shri Krishna is capable of giving happiness.  Hearing all these things of his son, Atmdev left for the forest and here Gokarna also went again for pilgrimage.

 After his father left, Dhundhukari urged his mother for money.  When she did not pay any money, he started beating his mother too.  Dhundhali was saddened by such behavior of her son and he fell into the well at night and died.  After this, Dhundhukari brought some five prostitutes and kept them in his house and he would bring money by stealing etc. to fulfill their wishes.

This would make the prostitutes happy, but they all thought  together, he steals and sometimes the king will catch him.  Then we too may get into problems due to him, that is why it is good that we kill him and divide the money among ourselves.  Considering this, the prostitutes killed dhundhukari one day and buried his body in the ground.  When someone asks them where Dhushkari is, they would say that Dhundhukari has just gone to a far away country to get more money.  After a few days, they left the city with all the money of dhundhukari.  After death dhundhukari became a vampire.

When Gokarnaji came to know that his brother had died and become a vampire, he would pay homage for his brother wherever he went. Thinking that he would be freed from this vampire body.  Once upon a time, Gokarna ji came back to his city after a pilgrimage and came to his house at night and slept.  Then dhundhukari also came at that time and seeing his brother there, he tried to frighten him by taking many forms.  Then Gokarnaji asked him who you are, what do you want.  Then Dhundukari said, I am your brother, today I have become a vampire due to my misdeeds.  Please do something to give me freedom from this vampire form.  Then Gokarn ji said that I had paid homage you in every pilgrimage.  But still you have not got liberation, it is very surprising.  Gokarn ji said, till I find a solution to your problem, you go to your place and stay there.

The next day, many townspeople came to meet Gokarna ji and many scholars also came.  He asked all about this subject, but no one had any answer.  Gokarna then stopped the motion of the Sun due to the effect of his penance and asked him how his brother would be liberated. Then Suryanarayana said, you should make Dhubhukari to listen to Shrimad Bhagwat, which will surely make him free.  Then Gokarnaji took the help of some people and made all the preparations for Bhagwat recitation.  At that time, he also sent invitations to a lot of people and by creating a nice pavilion, they started Bhagwat story there.

 Dhundhukari also came to the place where the story was going on and he sat in a bamboo tree.  Because his body was of air, he could not sit anywhere else.  When the story of the first day ended, people heard the sound of breaking bamboo; The same happened on the second day, in the same way, the sound of breaking bamboo continued for seven days.  In fact, it was the sound of the destruction of the sins of dhundhukari by listening to Srimad Bhagwat.  On the seventh day, when the Shrimad Bhagwat story was completed, the dhundhukari transformed as a divine man, and the lord Shri Krishna’s companions came there  on the plane to take him.  Everyone was surprised to see this, then Gokarnaji asked if all the people here have heard the story together, so why is there such a difference in the fruit that only  dhundhukari is being taken to the adobe of God and not others.

Then the companions of God said, it is true that everyone has heard the story of Bhagwat Purana, but dhundhukari listened to the story without eatinf.  At the end of the story, he has contemplated on the story every day, so today he has attained salvation.  Gokarnji, you recite the story again and if everyone listens attentively, everyone will surely get salvation.  God himself will come here and take you with hom.  A few months after the Lord’s companions said to recite the story, Gokarna told the story again and after the story ended, there were many planes.  Lord Shri Krishna himself came there, he honored Gokarna ji and took all the people present there with hokar nahi and went to his adobe.

In this way, due to the influence of Shrimad Bhagwat’s hearing, Dhundhukari was liberated from the vampire form and went to the abode of God and Gokarna ji also went to the adobe his lord with lord krishna as a result of reciting bhagwat puran.

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